The countdown is complete! And no more contributions are being taken.

Thankyou so much to everyone who contributed!


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Also thankyou to our top 11 contributors, who will receive a limited custom CD of this EP, including the final artwork

from the contributors below, sent straight to their door at no extra charge.

*Note that we added one extra person to this list because there were a few people who we're last equal, and it's only fair

There will only ever be 10 of these made.

contributors so far

Below is a montage of everyone who has chipped in more than average for the EP.



remix competition


The Remix Competition is now closed for entires! They will be listend here soon!


Switch Arms is an evolving idea, and we want you to be part of the next one!

Producers (who chip in more than average) are invited to download the remix pack and feed our music through their brains.

The winner (as decided by Tom and Grouch) will have their remix featured on the next Switch Arms EP


Have an original track featured as well, with a remix from both Tom and Grouch.

Here's a super cool picture to explain how it works.

remix competition instructions

Pretty cool huh? But this is just the start, the pattern repeats itself each new EP until we have a super collective of fantastic artists for the final Switch Arms VA.

rules and tips

  1. Competition begins on the 18th of August.
  2. Everyone who has chipped in above average (at the time of their contribution) will be emailed on the 18th with a link to download the stems.
  3. Upcoming artists only! If you are already 'established' please don't enter.
  4. Any DAW and any style is welcome.
  5. Winning track needs to be provided in high quality WAV or AIFF.
  6. Winner will need to make stems available for the next remix.
  7. Remixes need to be uploaded to your own personal Soundcloud account, with a link emailed to
  8. All remixes will get publicly listed on this website
  9. Absolute final deadline for submissions is 18th September 2013.
  10. HAVE FUN!


general faq

  • What is this payment system about?
    • The purpose of this "pay what you want but get a reward if you pay more than average" concept was put together by Tom Cosm so that artists and labels could offer an alternative to the usual method of releasing music for money.
  • But pay what you want has been around for ages, how is this different?
    • This method thrives on what people have paid already, letting the average price fluctuate depending on what people pay - ultimately driving the price up to what the general population feel comfortable paying, without having the artist or label directly influence it. It's totally user driven, and artists/labels can be creative by coming up with their own 'reward' for those who chip in more than average.
  • Can I use this system?
    • Yes! Please do! Tom Cosm wants this to be freely available to anyone to use. Please get in touch at if you are interested.
  • How is the average price calculated?
    • When this page loads, the total amount of money recieved is divided by the amount of total contributors with the result being displayed on the page. This is when the average is calculated, NOT when you follow through to pay, so even if someone else chips in $1000 between you reading the site and going to pay, you still only need to pay more than what is displayed when you first visited the page.
  • What happens after I pay?
    • You will be redirected to a special page where you will be eternally thanked and given a download link.
  • How do I add my face to the EP artwork?
    • Each day we send an email out to all those who have paid more than average (at the time of payment) with instructions on how to add your face.
  • Who did the mastering?
    • The mastering on all tracks was done by - please check them out for excellent quality mastering and post production services.
  • What happens to the EP artwork?
    • It will be displayed for everyone to see and immortalised for ever! It will also be added to Soundcloud, Facebook and anywhere else where the EP is displayed.
  • What's the deal with the top 10 contributors?
    • The top 10 people who chip in the most, will get a special edition physical copy of the EP with printed artwork from the face montage, sent to their door at absolutely no extra charge. There are only 10 of these ever made. There is a countdown timer above the list - once this reaches ZERO there can be no more submissions.
  • I am in the top 10!
    • Congratulations! An email will be sent shortly with more inÆ’ation.

Any more questions? Please email and we will get back to you asap!


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